• Bill McCormick began working in the entertainment industry circa 1981. He's played in a wide variety of bands and worked with a variety of others. Some great, some godawful. Locally, he appeared on ABC's 94.7 FM from 1986 to 1991as the host of the Beat of Chicago. He has written for numerous music magazines and was the president of EsNtion Records from 2005 to 2009.

    Bill directed his first music video, using a portable Panasonic VHS camera, for local Chicago band Blood Simple back in 1984. He was immediately hooked on the whole process. Since he had no company name at the time and wanted something that no one else would steal, he invented Bourgeois Sushi Visual Arts to be his umbrella entity for anything he wanted to do freelance.

    The Blood Simple video received solid regional play and the band ended up touring the Midwest to support it despite not having an actual release.

    After making several more music videos he followed that up with a short film called Darkly Through the Garden Mirror. The film, politely referred to as experimental, won 3rd place in a CAN (Chicago Area Network) film fest and became a cult sensation for several years.

    Bill never lost his love for video even though his career took him into touring and working as air talent on the radio. Touring gave him an opportunity to see much of the world, often while crawling out of leaky busses, and allowed him to meet a wide variety of people whom he would work with again throughout the years.

    In the 90's Bill settled down a bit and worked with artists in a more business like role. He worked with James Brown, Ray Charles and many others. He was even responsible for finding the proper heir for the estate of Little Walter. Still, though, he found time to produce music videos for the all female industrial act, RASH, goth legends Advent Sleep, the true dark lords Morphine Angel and several others.

    Just after the 90's were over Bill had been a music supervisor on the film Shower of Blood which went on to be released by Brain Damage Films in 2004.

    In 2002 Bill moved over to TRAX! Records, briefly, to act as their Business Affairs Manager. In that capacity he was able to secure them the first vinyl sales contract with Target nationally and boost their international distribution.

    It was during that time that he began working with John Covert on his film SHUT EYE (Ryko Home Video). They concocted an ambitious plan to create a series of music videos, in multiple genres, to support not only this film but John's entire catalog. The result was 10 music videos that ended up being shown internationally and which covered everything from hard core ghetto rap to goth to metal to ambient pop.

    The video for Grief by Nemesis, directed by Bill, has been widely acclaimed as the most ghetto video ever shot. Sometimes as a compliment, sometimes not.

    John went on to win a Digital Pioneer Award from the Gene Siskel Film Institute that year.

    Bill went on to continue to work behind the scenes with bands all over the world and eventually became the president of EsNtion Records in 2005. He secured them international distribution through Ryko/Warner and oversaw 15 Billboard charting singles.

    Videos from the label, almost all exclusively produced by Bill, went on to win awards all over the world and secure airplay internationally. He even produced a request video for Abercrombe and Fitch using footage from the Rob Pongi TV show in Tokyo. He received the request at 6 AM and delivered two versions by 6 PM. One was safe for work and the other was not. The latter ended up being the one they used for private parties in New York. Both versions featured the Desperate House DJ's song, Back to Brooklyn (NSFW).

    Another video, Standing in the Rain by DJ Russ Harris featuring Adam Barta, went on to become the #1 requested video on MTV-Logo.

    Since EsNtion closed in 2009 Bill went back to consulting for record companies and creating video projects.

    Bill is also a published author. You can read and purchase his scribbings at Bill McSciFi.
  • Bill McCormick

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